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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Blogging Careers

I started blogging six years ago out of boredom, I never thought that I will love doing it and last this long. I also never thought that I could generate income from it but I feel so blessed for it. Earning from blogging is really a big help to me and my family financially, I might not be earning that much but it is still a blessing to us.

Being efficacious as a blogger and blogging to generate income is about being aware of what it is all about. You have to set your goals, do you just want to blog? Or get paid for it? Or become a freelance writer and generate more income etc.

Professional bloggers are usually broken down into three kinds which are called the self-employed bloggers, part time bloggers and corporate bloggers. I used to be a self-employed blogger but I have already have an everyday job now, so I would say that I am a part time blogger now.

Anyway, to learn more about all of these you can check out these web sites for more details;


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