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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Peyton Manning's 509 Touchdown Passes

Congratulations Peyton Manning for breaking the 509 touchdown passes record.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bass Bridge Replacement

My husband and I are really so proud of our little boy. Besides school and sports, he also want to engage in music activities. My husband and I are planning on enrolling him into music school in the Summer. When my husband and I told our son what we have in mind, he did not hesitate saying yes! I am so glad to know that he really likes music, he said he couldn't wait on how to learn to play some music instruments.

On another note, I am glad that I do not have to worry about fixing or replacing any of his music instruments in the future because I know where exactly to get it just like the bass bridge replacement.

Temple's 8th St. Patrick's Fun Run/Walk Marathon

My husband and I were really so proud of our son when he decided to join Temple's 8th St. Patrick's Fun Run/Walk Marathon last Saturday in Temple, Texas. It was his first time to do a 5k marathon and we are really so excited and happy for him. I would admit that I was really nervous because he has never did it before and it is his first time to do something on his own.  I was really hesitant when my husband told me that our boy wanted to join the marathon and he was excited about it, how could I say no?

Anyway, my love finished his first 5k run/walk marathon in less than 40 minutes, I am not a runner so I do not know if that was fast enough or not, nevertheless, my husband and I are really so proud of him. A lot of people were telling us that he did really great, especially for a first timer and he's only 8 years old! :-)

On another note, my little love cannot wait for his next marathon and so my husband and I!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Cheap TC Helicon X1

My family and I put up our Christmas decorations already and we are very excited for the Christmas holidays. My husband and I already bought our Christmas presents for our son but we haven't bought anything for each other just yet.

Anyway, I was looking online for some great Christmas presents and found a lot of interesting stuffs. On another note, If you are looking for a voice tone machine, I would suggest that you check out the cheap tc helicon x1 at musicians friend right now.

Getting Better

My husband had a surgery on his stomach 2 weeks ago and I am glad that he is getting better right now. I really hate seeing my husband in pain, thank God for pain killers. I have not seen his cut since he got his surgery but last night I was laying down on the couch and he accidentally lift his shirt and I saw his stomach, I really felt so bad for him.

I really hope and Pray for his fast recovery because I hate seeing him in pain!
an euphonious is for life, not just xmas!