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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Serial Killer Ted Bundy and His Victims

My husband asked me to search for Ted Bundy because he said he had hear his co-workers talking about him,so he wanted to know who he is.

Ted Bundy was attractive,smart,and had a future in politics.He was also one of the most prolific serial killers in U.S. history.Ted Bundy screamed his innocence until his death in the electric chair became imminent, then he tried to use his victims one more time to keep himself alive.His plan failed and the world got a glimpse of the true evil inside him.

His Victims;

Lonnie Trumbull-During the evening of June 23, 1966, roommates Lisa Wick and Lonnie Trumbull laid sleeping in their Seattle apartment. When a third roommate arrived the next morning Trumbull was dead, beaten with a blunt object in her sleep. Wick had barely survived a similar attack and lingered in a coma for some time. She remembered nothing. A blood-covered piece of wood was found in a nearby vacant lot. Bundy escaped and refused to later confess to this crime, but similarities to later attacks and the fact that he definitely lived in Seattle at the time make it more than likely that he was the attacker.

Joni Lenz-Found in the basement bedroom of a house she shared with other girls in Seattle on January 5, 1974, the eighteen-year-old Lenz survived a horrendous attack which included being beaten on the head and face with a bed frame rod and having a speculum, a medical vaginal probe, jammed viciously inside her. Lenz suffered brain damage and internal organ injuries. Bundy had apparently entered and exited via an unlocked basement window.

Lynda Ann Healy-On February 1, Less than a month after the Lenz attack, Healy was abducted from her basement bedroom without a sound. Bloodstains were found on her bed, the sheet and pillowcase were missing, and the nightgown she had been wearing was hung up in the closet. Bundy had dressed her in clothes before taking her from the house. A basement door leading directly outside was unlocked and no doubt the point of entry. Healy may have even willingly let Bundy in. Because authorities mistakenly believed at first that foul play may not be involved, her bedroom was never dusted for fingerprints and an apparent semen stain on her bed was never tested.

Eyebrows almost certainly raised in the ranks of police when the Lenz and Healy crimes resembled each other so closely. A later anonymous call also claimed a link between the two.

Donna Manson-This abduction occurred on the campus of Evergreen College when Manson, 19, disappeared while strolling to a concert on March 12. She was never seen again, dead or alive.

Susan Rancourt-Last seen at a meeting on the campus of Central Washington St. in Ellensburg on April 17. A man in a sling had been observed the same night attempting to obtain help getting a heavy load of books to his car.

Kathy Parks-Abducted from the Oregon St. campus on May 6 after leaving to walk to the student union. Not reported missing until the middle of the month.

Brenda Ball-Last seen in a tavern in Burien, Washington on June 1. A compulsive traveler, she was not reported missing for almost three weeks.

Georgean Hawkins-An 18-year-old University of Washington student, Hawkins was abducted from an alleyway after leaving her boyfriends frat for her own on June 11. The distance between the two fraternities was just 90 feet and she was observed at about the halfway point between the two buildings in the well-lit alley. A scream was heard by another person around the same time but other than that she basically vanished.

Brenda Baker-Only 6 days after Hawkins' disappearance, Baker was found dead in a state park. The fifteen-year-old runaway had been missing since she left home on May 25 and was a known hitchhiker. Her cause of death could not be determined from her decomposed remains.

Other than a strange rash of missing persons under mysterious circumstances, investigators were not inclined at this point to admit that a single killer was on the loose. That would soon begin to change.

Janice Ott-On July 14 at around 12:30 in the afternoon at Lake Sammamish State Park, Ott was overheard talking to a man in a white outfit and a cast on his arm who said his name was Ted and he needed help with his sailboat. Though she seemed annoyed at the request, she left with the man and was never seen alive again.

Denise Naslund-Around 4:30 the same afternoon Naslund left her boyfriend to use the bathroom. She was seen at the bathroom but never made it back to the beach where her boyfriend was waiting.

By the time the remains had been discovered near Lake Sammamish, Bundy had already left for the University of Utah. It was not long before he began to kill young women there also.

Nancy Wilcox-The 16-year-old cheerleader disappeared on October 2, 1974. She was reportedly last seen riding in a VW similar to Bundy's. Her body was never found.

Melissa Smith-The 17-year-old vanished from Midvale, Utah, on her way home from a night out in Midvale, Utah, on October 18. She was last seen attempting to hitch a ride. Her body was found on the 27th in Summitt Park near Salt Lake City. She was nude and had been beaten, raped, sodomized, and strangled with her own stocking. Dirt and twigs had also been stuffed inside her vagina and it seemed as if her killer had touched up her make-up before dumping her body.

Laurie Aimee-Last seen on Halloween in Lehi, Utah. Aimee, 17, was not reported missing for four days and not found until Thanksgiving by a hiker in American Folk Canyon. Also found naked and had been raped, sodomized, and beaten beyond recognition. Died from strangulation and may have had her hair washed before her corpse was dumped.

Bundy was about to make his first big mistake, however. On November 8 he approached Carol DeRonch at the Fashion Place Mall in Murray, Utah. Posing as a police officer, he claimed her car had been broken into. DeRonch got into Bundy's car the mistaken belief that she was going to a police station to file a report. After abruptly stopping the car he pulled a handgun and handcuffed her wrist. She struggled and broke away before Bundy could secure the other end of the handcuffs and DeRonch flagged down a passing motorist who took her to the police. A similarity to the Smith murder was noted but no prints could be lifted from the handcuffs that still clung to DeRonch's wrist. Though some blood that was probably from her potential abductor was found on the her coat, it was not sufficient for any testing.

Debbie Kent-Only hours later and 17 miles from the botched DeRonch abduction, Kent, 17, disappeared after leaving a school play in Bountiful, Utah. The girl had left early and alone to pick her brother up, but her car never left the parking lot. Residents nearby heard screams from the area of the lot at around the same time. A handcuff key that fit the cuffs left on DeRonch's wrist was later found on the ground nearby. Kent was never found alive or dead.

Bundy had taken huge risks in the Kent abduction though. He had been clearly seen lurking in the back of the auditorium where the play was healed and had boldly appeared backstage, confronting a teacher. Drama teacher Raelynn Shepard reported that a strange man had approached her several times during the play, once trying to convince her to come out to the parking lot with him to allegedly identify a vehicle, the same ruse Bundy had tried earlier in the day with DeRonch. Knowing this Bundy must have felt like a change of scenery and began taking trips north as the new year began, cooling down his Utah activities a bit.

Caryn Campbell-On January 12, 1975, the 23-year-old Campbell left her boyfriend in the lobby of the Wildwood Inn in Apsen, Colorado, to get something from the couple's room. She was seen walking down the second floor hallway towards the room but she never returned to the lobby. She was found dead on February 18 alongside a road a few miles from the motel. She had severe head injuries and deep cuts on her body.

Julie Cunningham-Disappeared from the streets of Vail, Colorado, while walking to a nearby tavern on March 15. Her body was never found.

Denise Oliverson-After leaving her home for her parents house on April 6 in Grand Junction, Colorado. Her bike and sandals were found under a nearby viaduct.

Melanie Cooley-The 18-year-old was last seen in Nederland, Colorado, on April 15. She was found eight days later and 20 miles away dead from head injuries, her hands bound and a pillowcase tied around her neck.

Lynette Culver-Only 13 years old, Culver was snatched from a school playground in Pocatello, Idaho on May 6. She would never be found.

Susan Curtis-The 15-year-old Curtis was abducted from the campus of Brigham young University while attending a youth conference on June 28. She left her friends to walk back to a dorm and was never seen again. Tragically, Curtis was from Bountiful, Utah, the same town from which previous victim Smith had been abducted from in November of the previous year.

Shelley Robertson-Last seen in Golden, Colorado, on July 1 talking to a man in a pick-up at a gas station. The 24-year-old was found nude and decomposed near Vail, Colorado, placed 500 feet inside an old mine entrance.

Nancy Baird-Disappeared from a service station where she worked only three days after Robertson. She was never found.

Debbie Smith-Found dead in February of 1976 at the Salt Lake City International Airport.

Lisa Levy, Margaret Bowman, Karen Chandler, and Kathy Kleiner-Levy and Bowman were found dead in their beds on January 14, 1978, after a housemate at the Chi Omega sorority arrived at the house to an unlocked back door the sight of a club wielding man leaving via the front door. The girl searched the house and called police when Chandler and Kleiner in their room bloodied and battered, but alive. The police conducted a more thorough search for the remaining rooms upon their arrival found Levy and Bowman dead in their room. Levy had been strangled, bitten, and battered. She had also been anally and vaginally assaulted with a Clairol bottle and her right nipple had been almost completely bitten off. Bowman was strangled with a stocking, which was still tight around her neck, and her skull was shattered. bundy had been seen by many people earlier in the evening, including some of the Chi Omega's, at a nightlclub right next door to the sorority house. Entered house through rear security door that did not latch properly due to the cold weather that night.

Cheryl Thomas-Attacked in her sleep on the same night as the girls at the Chi Omega frat house, Thomas survived a brutal beating. Her skull had been fractured in five places, her jaw broken, and shoulder dislocated. She suffered permanent hearing loss and equilibrium problems. A pantyhose mask similar to one found by detectives in Utah five months earlier was found wrapped up in Thomas' bed sheets, which were also stained with semen.

Bundy remained holed up posing as Misner/Hagen throughout January, but was beginning to become unraveled, as evidenced by his blitz-style attacks on the 14th. on February 6 Bundy stole a van from the Florida St. University media center and left Tallahassee. Two days later an abduction attempt of a fourteen-year-old girl in Jacksonville was thwarted when the girl's brother arrived and frightened Bundy away.

Kimberly Ann Leach-On February 9 Bundy struck for what would prove to be the last time, abducting the 12-year-old Leach from her school in Lake City, Florida. She had left one building of the school to go to another and retrieve her purse during first period. Made it safely to the other building, got her purse, but never returned to class. Was last seen by a passerby being led by an angry-looking man to a white van. The witness assumed the pair were father and daughter. Leach was not even reported missing by the school until late that afternoon. The girl was found April 12 about 30 miles away near Suwanee River State Park under an old hog shed. She was partially clothed with the rest of her clothing piled up next to her body. Trauma was visible on her neck but cause of death could not be determined because of decomposition. In fact, she had been there long enough to be partially mummified.

After the murder of Leach, Bundy for some reason returned to his Tallahassee apartment, though the rent was due, and dumped the stolen van in a high-crime neighborhood. It was never found. Bundy then stole another vehicle, only to be nearly arrested after being pulled over. He managed to escape when the officer left him alone while he checked the stolen car's plates. Returning to his apartment Bundy wiped the place clean of prints, stole a VW and finally fled Tallahassee. After some harrowing encounters with restraint and hotel employees concerning his now-reported stolen credit cards, Bundy ended up in Pensacola, Florida, where his stolen plates were recognized by a patrol officer and he was pulled over after a short chase. Refusing to go quietly, Bundy fled on foot, falling and pretending to be shot when the officer fired on him. Bundy leaped up and resisted when the officer ran up to him, but after a brief struggle Bundy was again under arrest.

Nothing came easy with Bundy and the execution would not happen anytime soon. Bundy, still proclaiming his innocence, methodically exhausted his appeals. Mostly representing himself, he managed to acquire many stays of execution, including one with a mere fifteen minutes before he was scheduled to die on July 2, 1986, and another on November 18th, just seven hours before the big moment. But time was definitely running out.

On January 17, 1989, the final death warrant was issued. It was to be carried out just a week later. Bundy was not finished in his fight to avoid death and he attempted to hold his coveted confessions as bait to obtain another stay. He and his attorneys asked for an additional three years for Bundy to confess to the killings and also tried to coerce the victims families to plead with the court to allow Bundy time to properly confess. Despite their not knowing the fate of many of his victims, all of the families refused.

Bundy did hold a marathon of confession interviews in his last few days, though it was obvious he was not ready to admit everything, especially the murders involving some of the younger victims. The state of Florida would not be deterred this time. Bundy called his mother, refused a last meal, and was electrocuted as scheduled on January 24, 1989. He was pronounced dead at 7:16 AM.

Some of the Victims

Ted After Execution


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that was a very harrowingly extensive resume of crimes. I've never been glad knowing a man was executed until now.

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