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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Moving Trends In America

As a military wife, I am not new to moving anymore but sometimes it gets really tiring.

Did you know that 15 percent of America's population moves every year. In 2010, 6.7 millions household moved around the Unites States? In 2007-2008 34 million people moved and was recorded the lowest since the year 1959-1960. If I were to choose, I would rather stay in my hometown, I would really love to settle in my hometown but there are just so many reasons why my family and I cannot do it. Anyway, 37 percent of Americans chooses to stay in their hometown and 40 percent have to move because of their jobs (Like, we do!)

On another note, moving and packing is really stressful, thank Goodness there are companies who are offering these kind of business to help you out. If you want to learn more about relocation trends and facts about moving in the United States, I would suggest that you check either of these web sites or as soon as you can.

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