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Friday, September 7, 2012

Cigar Auctions

I am really excited because it is already BER month. In the Philippines when it is already the BER (SeptemBER,OctoBER,NovemBER & DecemBER) month, we get so excited because it just means that Christmas Day is not too far. We start decorating our homes with Christmas Decors on BER months. It is already September and I am so excited to put some Christmas decors, I was going to do it this weekend but my son asked me if we can wait for his daddy to come home.

Anyway, I am already excited on buying Christmas gifts for my loved ones, friends and co-workers. I already have some ideas on what to give them. I have a co-worker that loves to smoke, I am glad I've found this cigar auctions online. If you know anybody who loves cigar, I suggest that you check out this cigar auctions at

For more details, just visit the web site as soon as you have the time. Thanks for visiting my page and have a good one y'all :-)


an euphonious is for life, not just xmas!