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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

So Worried

I am really worried about my son, he fell on the floor and hit his head earlier. I was folding clothes in my room when I heard a loud bang from the game room, I went there quick to see what happened and I saw my son crying. He told me he was trying to lay down on the bed and fell on the floor and hit his head. I was gonna take him to the ER because it really scared me but after a few minutes my son told me that his head doesn't hurt no more, I told him once it hurts again to tell me right away. I checked his head and I don't find any bumps or something, I also made sure that he didn't fell asleep after he fell. I am glad the pain went away and that he didn't fell asleep or throw up after he hit his head.

Thank You Lord for watching over my son.


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