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Friday, January 7, 2011

My brother's New Year's Eve wedding

Guest post written by Jaimie Cartwright

I've kind of been appointed the unofficial wedding planner for my brother's wedding. They didn't hire one because his fiancŽ wanted to plan it all herself, but it's been a little harder than she first thought. But I have a lot of experience doing event planning with my sorority and I think that I'll be able to handle this for her so she can enjoy it instead of being stressed out.

One night when she was e-mailing me and asking me about some details, which has been happening a whole lot. When I was online corresponding with her, I came across the website and after I read through it some, I signed up for one of the internet packages that I found on there.

I'm sure that they New Year's wedding is going to be beautiful, fantastic and fun for everyone that's involved. But, IÕll be relieved once the actual ceremony is over and everyone's ringing in the New Year at midnight. IÕm sure that my future sister-in-law will be relieved then too.


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