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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Makes You Use Your Noggin

Posted by Jerold Austin

One of my favorite children's channels on television is Noggin. I love the educational programming and they have things that are relevant and fun for kids to watch. A lot of their programs are interactive so it is not unusual to hear the kids talking and yelling right along with the characters on the television.

My husband was getting stationed in a new area and I was afraid that because we would be forced to change cable providers that we might not get Noggin anymore. After doing some research we found that going with Direct TV Expert would be the best choice for us as far as choice and programming. The installation was quick and easy and they have all of the channels that we want. I love our new satellite provider because the pictures are clear and the connection is reliable and most of all the price is right.

I even have time to watch a few shows for myself but for some reason it seems like I always end up watching children's television. Maybe it is just out of habit. I like having the choice to watch any channels that I want. There are also some programming that I have never heard of. There are some new shows coming out on Noggin that the kids and I are anxious to see. I am definitely looking forward to it.


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