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Friday, October 15, 2010

Someone to rake leaves

Guest post written by Eric Hansen

There's one thing that I dread doing every fall time. And that's raking leaves. I just absoultely hate raking but it's just something that you have to do when it's about this time of the year. Plus, I have back problems so it's not just me being lazy when it comes to this.

This year I decided to find someone else to do it but I don't have kids so I had to kind of think outside of the box. I used me
DIRECT TV internet and got online to put up an ad online looking for someone who would rake the leaves in my yard for me. I told them about how big my yard is in the ad and that I would pay them about fifty dollars for the whole yard because I think it would take a few hours and be pretty labor intensive.

It ends up that one of teh neighborhood kids answered the ad and I probably should have asked them to do it in the first place. So he and his friend split the work and the pay and I got out of having to rake my own leaves this year, which was a good thing for everyone involved.


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