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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"Running Wilde" is a Wild Time

Contribution by Jacques Carr

Tuesdays is the night for comedy with Fox's newest hit, "Running Wilde." I watched my favorite fall TV premier on the satellite tv that we got from on September 19 and cannot wait to watch "Running Wilde" unfold all season.

"Running Wilde" follows Steve Wilde (played by Will Arnett) as he works to win back his first and only love, Emmy Kadubic (played by Keri Russell). The show, written by the same people behind "Arrested Development," is unlike the other comedies on air today.

The show starts with an introduction to self-centered Wilde who is giving himself a humanitarian award to impress his actual humanitarian love interest, Emmy. We learn he has no friends aside from his driver who finds Emmy in the Amazon to invite her to the party. Emmy shows up to see Wilde is no different than he was, but agrees to move home to work on her next charity case- him.

Arnett delivers comedy that is sarcastic, blunt and offensive which adds a special dimension to "Running Wilde." Teamed up with an innocent actress like Russell, Arnett plays well off of her pure-demeanor. In a way when you watch "Running Wilde" you see a little bit of Gob Bluth (from "
Arrested Development") in Arnett. With cameos from comedians like David Cross, this show is nearly guarantee to make you laugh out loud every week.


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