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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A good day spent at the zoo

Written by my friend Betty Walls

I stopped and set my
Securitychoice home security alarm as we left for our day at the zoo. It was a perfect day to go to the zoo, a bit overcast with a light breeze. The big cats were out lazing in their environment looking like contented house cats. I took a lot of pictures hoping to get one really good shot showing their lazy poses.

All of this walking has made the knee I broke start bothering me, but it is probably good exercise for it, hopefully it will be forgiving and not hurt tomorrow. The long semi rough trail up hill by the bear and bobcat exhibits, then around to the elk meadow were quite a strain for the knee but well worth the effort. A nice bull elk with a large rack of antlers was lying with several cows and calves beyond the creek that runs across their meadow. A very nice exhibit emulating a real scene out in the mountains.

After a stop in the elephant house it was time to go home, but we could not leave without visiting the
Gift Shop, and after looking at everything they offered we each settled on a T-shirt. I chose a brown one with cougars on the front and Dillon chose a blue one with black bears.


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