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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Family Fun Feast

Guest post written by Sue Barton

The moments I spend with my family are priceless to me. Just last night, we had everyone over for dinnerÑall three kids, plus their grandchildren. All in all, there were more than 10 of us, total, sitting in our small little dining room all crammed in around the table! ThatÕs what you call family togetherness.

We hadnÕt seen everyone in a while so I decided to throw a potluck dinner just for kicks. Everyone brought their favorite dishes, and I of course made a bunch as well. My favorite recipe of the night? CindyÕs
sausage balls. TheyÕre a delicious combo of cheddar and mozzarella cheeses, biscuit breading and hot Italian sausageÑa killer trio! We all had a great timeÑlaughing, dining and the works. ItÕs nights like these that really enhance your life and create lasting memories, you know?

ThatÕs why IÕm glad I went to and got some new hearing aids. It feels so good to know that these moments will never be lost on me!


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