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Monday, July 6, 2009

Renewing Our SUV's Registration

Today my husband renewed our SUV's registration. I got the notice last month but I did not really wanna go through the pain of registering it so I waited for my husband to come home :D I've asked him if he can do it before he leave and he said yes so today he did it. We got to pay some $$$ for the car's inspection and for some stuff that they had to change. I am so glad my husband came home and he did the renewal of our car's registration because I really did not wanna go fall in a very long long line to do it. When he got to the registration's office, he got the number 61 and they were just serving number 89 geesh If it was me,I won't wait!but thanks to hubby's patience,he did it! :) Thanks Babe for sparing me the time in doing it!muahhhhhh :D


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