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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mijo's Day

Today is our son's day. Since my husband came home from Iraq for his R&R,we all visited the places that I want and that he wants,my son cannot really say anything about it but he always tells us that he wants to go the playground,park or to my friend's (Ate Loren)house. Last night I've asked my husband where he wanted to go today but then he said he did not know yet but he would be looking for some places to go or something to do online. Today after getting his hair cut, we went to Austin and took our son to this Kiddie place that he found online last night. The place is the perfect place for kids. There are kiddie rides, train and they can also ride a pony. My son really enjoyed all the rides,my husband and I thought that he would be scared but he was not, he rode all the rides by himself and rode the pony too! Our mijo really had a great time today thanks to Papi who did the research. We will surely be back there and I will be posting some pictures later.


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