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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Yard Sale!

My son and I went to my friend's house this afternoon to return the chairs,table and vacuum that I borrowed from her. On our way to my friend's house,I saw a yard sale,I wanted to stop by and check it out but I was in the hurry to go to my friend's house. On our way back,the yard sale was still going on so I decided to dropped by. There were so many stuff for sale!There were furniture,clothes,appliances,home decorations,music cd's,books and so many more. Most of the furniture still look pretty good but most of it was sold. I liked a small table for my laptop but it was also sold. I did not like anything else so I just decided to buy my son some books. I also bought him dictionary for kids which I think is really good for him. Well,that's all about it for today. Thanks for the visit and I hope you will never stop visiting my page! Take Care Y'All!:-)


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