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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Meaning Of A Green Snake In Your Dream

Last night I had a dream of a green snake.In my dream,my son,husband and I were on bed in my Aunt's room back in the Philippines.We were laying down and was ready to go to sleep when I heard a noise and I thought it was a snake.I was looking around and looking where the noise was coming from but did not see anything.I told my husband that I have been hearing a noise and I think that there is a snake in the room.So,we got up and started looking for it.We saw a bamboo out of nowhere and saw a snake's head poking out there.In my dream,the snake was actually looking at us.I told my husband that there's a snake and pointed where.The green snake jumped on the floor,I immediately took my son from the bed.The green snake was like a baby snake and it's green.I was really scared,I was hugging and protecting him while my husband took something hard and started hitting the green snake.He hit it once or twice and the snake stopped moving,I am not sure if he killed it or not but it really scared the hell out of me and I woke up.Do you know what it means?They said snakes represent bad luck,cheating and green snakes means jealousy or money.I really do not know,do you have any idea?


Vedat said...

A snake in a dream means an enemy. If you killed it in your dream or didn`t let it hurt you that would mean you beated your enemy who wants to damage you.

This is what my mom says me when I dreamed a snake:)

Anonymous said...

I have been dreaming with a young green snake. I would hold it tight from the head so that i woulnd bite me.
I was under control all the time.

I have read plenty about it.. and it means jealousy and/or an enemy.
If the dream was indoors, it means the person is a family member. Good luck. Since you overpowererd the snake... you should be ok.

Anonymous said...

in my dream my snake didnt seem really nasty it was green and alive the next part of my dream it was dead and i pulling it out of my dogs mouth it had no head the dog wasnt my dog it was a white fluffy dog

an euphonious is for life, not just xmas!